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Formula 1-4: The Candy Cleanse

Formula 1-4: The Candy Cleanse


“Brew Your Success with our Formula's The Candy Cleanse Cash Formula”


Dive into the sweet world of entrepreneurial spirit with our “Formula's Candy Cleanse Cash Crop” package! This exclusive offer isn’t just about mixing up delicious detox drinks; it’s your blueprint for building a blooming business from the comfort of your kitchen.


Why Choose Formulas? Our Formula 1-4 is the go-to choice for aspiring wellness entrepreneurs. With an initial investment that’s a mere drizzle compared to the potential downpour of profits, you can produce 80-400 bottles of our fan-favorite Candy Cleanse. Sell them at $15 a pop, and you’re looking at a delicious return on investment that’s as satisfying as our cleanse itself.


The Sweet Stats:

  • Investment: Between $285 - $1170 plus tax and shipping.
  • Product: Enough ingredients to brew 80 - 400 bottles of liquid gold.
  • Return: Approximately $915 - $4,830  after selling your bottles of Candy Cleanse

Your Kit, Your Gain Inside your Formula  package, you’ll find the secret recipe to our coveted Candy Cleanse. With Brewed Tea and  Watermelon / Tropical Punch components, you’re all set to create a concoction that’s in high demand. And don’t worry about the complexities of a typical business setup; this deal is straightforward. You sell, you earn — no strings attached.

Sweet Simplicity This package does NOT make you a TLC distributor, which means your focus is crystal clear: sell the Candy Cleanse bottles. It’s a simple, direct way to profit from the wellness wave without getting tangled in the seaweed of a larger business structure.


Join the Candy Cleanse Movement By offering the Candy Cleanse, you’re not just selling a product; you’re promoting a lifestyle. You’re the local source of that feel-good, look-great sensation that comes from a natural cleanse. So why not make wellness your business? With our“Formulas Candy Cleanse Cash Formula,” you’re not just brewing tea; you’re cultivating a community of health and prosperity. Join us and turn that sweet dream into a refreshing reality!

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